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Turtle Foundation Newsletter December 2020

Dear Friends and Supporters of Turtle Foundation,

The poaching of nesting sea turtles, the collection of their eggs, and the destruction of their habitats are threatening the survival of these fascinating and charismatic animals worldwide, which perform important functions in the ecology of our oceans. You can read about how Turtle Foundation faced the threats to the sea turtles in this special year marked by the Corona pandemic in our brief annual review. Please download it or view it directly in your browser by clicking on the following link:

Turtle Foundation PDF-Newsletter December 2020

Leatherback sea turtle with satellite tag on Selaut Besar, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Without anticipating too much: In our Boa Vista project we have again registered an increase in nesting activity – there was a new record in the number of nests! On the Indonesian island of Selaut Besar in West Sumatra, we have launched a new project to protect the rare leatherback turtles. In order to stop the trade in turtle shell products in Indonesia, we had to make program changes to our nationwide education campaign due to the pandemic. In East Borneo, we expanded protection of the green sea turtle in one of its most important nesting areas. Learn more about our work in our PDF newsletter.
(Photo: Leatherback turtle with satellite tag on Selaut Besar, West Sumatra, Indonesia)

Without your support our projects for the protection of sea turtles would not be possible. Please continue to help us to sustainably protect the dinosaurs of the seas and save them from extinction!

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Dr. Hiltrud Cordes Geschäftsführerin und Programmdirektorin der Turtle Foundation

The Turtle Foundation family wishes you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year, despite the given challenges and constraints. Let's look with optimism into the year 2021, stay healthy!

With best regards,

Dr. Hiltrud Cordes
CEO and Program Director of Turtle Foundation

PS: In our projects, four of the world's seven species of sea turtles are currently in the focus of our protection work. When you take on a symbolic sea turtle adoption, you will now receive, in addition to a small gift, an adoption certificate with a photograph of that species which is particularly close to your heart. You can give an adoption as a Christmas gift if you complete it by December 16. The registration form and more information can be found on our website at:

More sustainable gifts for your loved ones are available in our new webshop: