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Turtle Foundation Newsletter December 2019

Dear friends and supporters of Turtle Foundation,

Turtle Foundation wishes you, your family, and your friends a blessed Christmas, wonderful holidays, and all the best for the coming year!

For us it will indeed be a special year, because Turtle Foundation will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020! This is a great opportunity to again say Thank you very much! to all those who have supported us in these 20 years in protecting the endangered sea turtles and their habitats in every way, whether through donations and other financial support, direct activity, or advice and encouragement. Without all this help we would never have come this far!

We would also like to thank our rangers, volunteers, and all other employees who fight for the survival of our beloved wanderers of the seas in our projects, often under harsh conditions and against manifold resistance. You have truly done an amazing job!
On Boa Vista, Cape Verde, since 2008, you have enabled almost 10,000 loggerhead turtle females to nest mostly undisturbed on those beaches that you protected – many of which would otherwise have been victims of poachers; further, poaching activity on the beaches of Boa Vista has reached a record low this year. In the Indonesian Derawan archipelago, you provided about 9 million green sea turtle hatchlings a hopeful start in their challenging lives, most of which would otherwise have ended up as eggs in cooking pots. You are leading campaigns for environmental education, public relations, and creating alternative income in Indonesia and Cape Verde, which significantly contribute to the change of awareness in the population towards sustainable resource use and nature conservation. Many, many thanks for all this!

Turtle Foundation People

But the work is far from over, and we will continue to heavily rely on our supporters all over the world. Therefore, in addition to our usual call for donations, here are two tips for your sustainable last-minute Christmas gift to your beloved ones:

1st prize: A liveaboard diving safari in the best waters of Indonesia

Turtle Raffle

Especially dive enthusiasts in your family and among your friends are looking forward to a ticket of our big Turtle Raffle, where you can win diving trips, diving equipment, and other great prizes worth more than 30,000 EUR / 35,000 USD; every tenth ticket wins! All necessary information and the online form to order the raffle tickets are on our website:
Turtle Raffle

Loggerhead sea turtle returns to the sea on Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Sea Turtle Adoption

With a symbolic sea turtle adoption certificate in the name of the recipient, you are making everyone happy who is concerned about sustainability and about helping to protect animals, species, and the environment. Click here to get to our adoption page, where you will find your personal adoption gift and the order form:
Sea Turtle Adoption


We take the "last-minute Christmas gift" literally: If we receive your raffle ticket order or application for sea turtle adoption by 24.12.2019 at 12 noon (Central European Time, CET), you will receive your raffle ticket or certificate by e-mail in time for your Christmas celebration!

If you just want to donate, now would be the best opportunity, because if you live in Germany, Liechtenstein, or Switzerland, you then can still claim your donation from in your 2019 tax return.

Donate now!
Dr. Hiltrud Cordes Geschäftsführerin und Programmdirektorin der Turtle Foundation

Once again from the bottom of our hearts we wish you a Merry Christmas, lots of warmth, happiness, and joy, which should also fill the coming year 2020!

Dr. Hiltrud Cordes
CEO and Program Director of Turtle Foundation

PS: Did you receive our November newsletter in November? If not, we recommend as reading material for the quiet days our brief review of this year as PDF download.