Turtle Foundation Newsletter November 2019

Dear friends and supporters of Turtle Foundation,

As every year at this time, we would like to present you a short review of this year's projects and activities for the protection of endangered sea turtles and our oceans. You can download our complete newsletter in PDF format here:

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 Programme Director Dr. Hiltrud Cordes at Ostrava Zoo with the new leatherback turtle exhibit

Turtle Foundation at Ostrava Zoo

An additional short message: On 7 October 2019, Turtle Foundation was invited for the opening of an exhibition on sea turtles at the Ostrava Zoo in the Czech Republic for a presentation on its projects. Since this year, the zoo is a sponsor for our leatherback turtle project on Sipora, Indonesia, and now informs about the dangers for the sea turtles and the work of Turtle Foundation with an impressive lifelike replica of a leatherback sea turtle. A great action! Many thanks to the Ostrava Zoo!
(Picture: Programme Director Dr. Hiltrud Cordes at Ostrava Zoo with the new leatherback turtle exhibit)

In Cape Verde, we have helped reducing poaching of nesting female turtles by more than 90% throughout the Island of Boa Vista over the past two years using modern beach surveillance techniques. Such successes, which were only possible through the commitment of our numerous sponsors and donors, give hope, but also cost money. In addition to the traditional donation, there are now a number of ways to support our work to protect sea turtles. Is there anything for you, too?

1st prize of the Turtle Raffle 2020: A diving trip in Indonesia

Turtle Raffle 2020

The Turtle Raffle is an annual raffle of Turtle Foundation, where you can win diving trips, diving equipment, and other great prizes donated by reputed tour operators, diving equipment suppliers, and other companies. All proceeds from the raffle will directly benefit our conservation projects. Further information about the raffle and the prizes, and also the online form for ordering the tickets can be found here: Turtle Raffle. The raffle will take place on Sunday, 2 February 2020, at the FESPO travel fair in Zurich, Switzerland; your personal presence is of course not necessary, all winners will be notified directly.
(Picture: 1st prize of the Turtle Raffle 2020: A diving trip in Indonesia)

Turtle Foundation at FivetoLive

FivetoLife – Doing Good with Electronic Christmas Cards

"Each year, companies send out millions of Christmas cards. For this, countless trees are felled, tons of ink are consumed, and thousands of kilometers are driven for distribution – the card finally lands barely noticed in the trash." For the Liechtenstein FivetoLive Foundation, this statement was the reason for a very special project to save resources in paper, time, and money with electronic Christmas cards, and to simultaneously support charitable projects. Surprise customers, business partners, friends, and acquaintances with a digital donation voucher from FivetoLife and support great social, environmental, and health projects! Send your Christmas cards now via FivetoLive! Find out how to do this here: Christmas greetings with FivetoLive
(Picture: Turtle Foundation at FivetoLive)

Nesting loggerhead sea turtle on Boa Vista


If you would like to do the right thing yourself and enjoy unforgettable experiences on the beaches of Boa Vista, our volunteer project would certainly be something for you! Information and registration here: Volunteering on Boa Vista
(Picture: Nesting loggerhead sea turtle on Boa Vista)

Thank you very much for your support! Please continue to help us; every donation counts!

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Dr. Hiltrud Cordes; CEO and Program Director of Turtle Foundation

With the best wishes for a great pre-Christmas season,

Dr. Hiltrud Cordes
CEO and Program Director of Turtle Foundation