Turtle Foundation Newsletter September 2019

Dear friends and supporters of Turtle Foundation,

The year 2020 will be a special year for us: Turtle Foundation celebrates its 20th anniversary! We therefore start already now with the sale of the tickets for our annual Turtle Raffle benefitting the endangered sea turtles. In addition, for the first time we can offer 400 tickets while maintaining the same great chances of winning due to the many great prizes donated! The ticket sale is open online on our website.

Turtle Raffle on the FESPO 2019 in Zurich

The Turtle Raffle is an annual raffle of Turtle Foundation Liechtenstein, where you can win diving trips, diving equipment, and other great prizes donated by well-known tour operators, diving equipment suppliers, and other companies. The Turtle Raffle 2020 will take place at the Zurich travel fair FESPO on Sunday, 2 February 2020, as always at the booth of the diving tour operator and long-standing partner of Turtle Foundation WeDive.
(Photo: Raffle at the FESPO 2019)

1st Prize: Liveaboard divingon the MV Pindito

There are 40 great prizes with a total value of around CHF 35,000 / EUR 31,000 / 35,000 USD waiting for the lucky winners. With 400 tickets for CHF 100 / EUR 90 / USD 100 each, one in ten tickets wins! All the proceeds from the sale of the tickets will go to the Turtle Foundation's projects in Indonesia and Cape Verde – so in any case the sea turtles will win! You will find all information about the raffle, the list of prizes, and the terms of participation on our homepage.
(Photo: The 1st prize of the Turtle Raffle 2020 is a dive cruise on the MV Pindito in Indonesia worth 5,380 CHF / 4,888 EUR / 5,417 USD)

Dr. Frank Zindel, Präsident TF CH  and TF FL

On behalf of Turtle Foundation, I wish you a wonderful autumn 2019, and all participants of the Turtle Raffle 2020 good luck for the raffle!

Kind regards,

Dr. Frank Zindel
President of Turtle Foundation Switzerland and Turtle Foundation Liechtenstein