Turtle Foundation Newsletter August 2019

Dear friends and supporters of Turtle Foundation,

Did you know that the penises of the male loggerhead sea turtles in some groups are considered as aphrodisiacs and sold at high prices? Financial motives and a lack of education, as this nonsense is proving, are still a fundamental problem in the fight for the protection of the threatened sea turtles!

Male loggerhead turtle João with satellite tag before release

Male sea turtles travel together with the females to the nesting areas, but never go ashore there, so they can only be hunted in the water. In addition, on Boa Vista, Cape Verde, poaching of female turtles is increasingly shifting to the sea, as our protection of the nesting beaches is becoming more and more effective. In cooperation with the marine conservation organisation MarAlliance, we have therefore launched a combined research and conservation programme for sea turtles off the coasts of Boa Vista. At the beginning we investigate where the preferred fishing areas of local fishermen, some of whom like to catch turtles while fishing, overlap with the turtle's mating areas. Unfortunately, the turtles are not always very attentive in the mating season and therefore often an easy prey... On 20 June 2019, the first of four male turtles was equipped with a satellite transmitter as part of the programme. (Photo: João the Turtle with satellite transmitter waiting for his release)

Migration of João until 23 August 2019

The data of João (the turtle was named after the beach João Barrosa where it was caught) arrive daily. At the beginning João stayed very close to the spot where we had marked him, which is already very important information for us. On 1 August, however, he left the coastal waters of Boa Vista and now moves southeast towards the West African coast. Where is João living if he is not mating? We will get to know it soon! (Photo: João's so far approx. 600 km journey from Boa Vista to the West African coast)

Booth of Turtle Foundation Friends at the Aquanaut Summer Party

This summer, our Friends association Turtle Foundation Friends e.V. is again very active in activities like about the threats for sea turtles and their habitats. On the 40th anniversary of the German diving club HLTC Landtauchclub Nidderau 1979 e.V., as well as at the annual summer party of the Aquanaut Diving Centre in Frankfurt, Germany (photo right), Turtle Foundation Friends was present with an information booth and enjoyed great appreciation from the guests of the events. Would you also like to become a supporting member of our friends association? Click here to register: Turtle Foundation Friends e.V.

Our mascot Kimi

Finally, we would like to introduce our new mascot Kimi. This lovely little turtle will accompany selected projects and media campaigns of the Turtle Foundation in the future. In her first big mission in Indonesia, Kimi and our local subsidiary Yayasan Penyu Indonesia will conduct a nationwide information campaign to combat the illegal trade in turtle shell products. With the slogan "Cool without my scales" Kimi will explain that turtle shell products, mostly sold as jewellery, are made from the scales of the hawksbill turtle, which further threatens the population of these already rare animals.

Thank you very much for your support! Our successes are your merit! To continue our work for the protection of the sea turtles and their habitats we are however further dependent on your help. Every contribution counts!

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Dr. Hiltrud Cordes, Programmdirektorin

On behalf of Turtle Foundation I wish you a wonderful summer!

Best regards,

Dr. Hiltrud Cordes
CEO and Programme Director of Turtle Foundation

PS: Would you like to actively support us with your own fundraising campaign? Just go to our fundraising campaign page (currently only available in German), start your initiative, and invite friends, family, and acquaintances to participate! It's really easy and there are no limits to your creativity! Our colleague Katja will be happy to help you start your campaign. Katja also sets a good example and has initiated a fundraising campaign herself: On Sunday, 25 August, she dedicates her run at the Cologne Half Marathon to Turtle Foundation! A thousand thanks to Katja and to all past and future fundraising campaigners!